Friday, January 15, 2010

Svetlana or Tsundere?

Thanks to mandachan, I've decided to rename the Quaddy, because I don't like the name much. It sounds too... Irish, and doesn't fit the personality of the rocket.

Instead, it's going to be either 'Svetlana' or 'Tsundere', both of which are jokes between mandachan and I, and they fit the rocket better.

I've also been working on possible paint schemes. The upper left in this first pciture is the new color scheme for the E9-powered Big Daddy, which looks just bad to me, like an anime art bus or something. Below it is the old-style paint scheme, which is closer to what I'm looking for. The right pair were my own ideas.

Based on mandachan's feedback, I drew up some more designs, all in Paint. She likes the bottom two designs, so once the weather warms up and I can prime and paint it that'll be what it looks like.

The only bad part about the Svetlana / Tsundere is its weight. It's already approximately 11 ounces, and may well reach 14 ounces unloaded with paint, primer, and parachute. That would, unfortunately, eliminate the D12 and E9 from the running as motors except on very calm days. However, it'd be a bit more recoverable on E through G motors thanks to the higher weight.

I'm hoping for first flight by April on an E18-4W.

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@eloh said...

Second image.

The EGE said...

Dangit, eloh! You commented before I had a chance to explain the images! Fortunately, I'm going with designs for the second image anyway.

R2K said...

The art looks very nice in all of these, I like the red with fade.

@eloh said...

Your post popped up on the dashboard just as my daughter was looking over my sholder... we agreed so I posted right away.

The EGE said...


Props to mandachan, she suggested the color fade and the use of the angular fin design.