Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More New Stuff from Cesaroni

Cesaroni today released details of their January 7th testing session, where they tested 14 motors and certified 5 new reloads.

Two of the motors were with their new Green3 propellant, which looks a little brighter than Mojave Green, though with more yellow. The 3 is becuase the propellant is green, it burns green, and it's earth-green - no barium nitrate. supposedly. Instead, it uses barium oxide or barium chloride, which don't have the nasty nitrate ion.

Those new green reloads are:
H159GR-15A (298 Ns): Pro29-3G
K490GR-16A (1990 Ns): Pro54-5G

Also for the Pro29-3G is the G54RL-12A, a longburn (3 seconds) full G motor with their Red Lightning propellant. They plan to release more Longburn™ loads later this year.

For the Pro75-6G motor is the M2075 Smokey Sam, weighing in at 6287 Ns. It makes A LOT of smoke:

Finally, there's a weird motor, the M3700 White Thunder. It's a "special-order high-power" modification of the 2.75" Mighty Mouse rocket motor. It's 5.3 grains, for which you can use either a Pro75-5.3G case, or a Pro75-6G case with a .7G spacer; both are now certified. It comes in at 6800Ns.

Finally, the last item tested was the spacer system for their Pro29 line. Now, all of their 29mm through 98mm cases can use spacers.

I always like seeing new motors. However, I'd rather see more smaller motors, and until Cesaroni manages to get their motors into more vendors in the US, especially online, it's not worth the expense to special-order their products, especially when Aerotech loads are cheaper for the sizes I fly.

(Information and pictures via Rocketry Planet.

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