Monday, June 7, 2010


ARML was lots of fun this weekend, though a little disappointing at times.

First, I learned on Friday night that I'd been put on the Connecticut B team; I was confused because I was on the A team last year and I aced States this year. But, for other reaons, I didn't take the AMC 12 test, which lowered my team ranking.

The math itself went well. I contributed well on the Team Round (10 problems in 15 mins for each 15-person team) and the Power Round (One giant multi-part question in 60 minutes for the 15-person team), but our scores for those rounds were nullified after some idiot on the team thought it'd be funny to text our coach during the Power Round. Jerk.

The next two rounds went better, though. The Individual Round gives in 5 sections - each 2 problems in 10 minutes. (No calculators in this competition, by the way). I got 5 of the 10 - a pretty score. Only 2 people on the CT team got 6s, and only a few fives. My five was good enough to be best on B team.

In the Relay Round, each team is divided into 5 3-person miniteams. Each member of the miniteam is given a question; persons 2 and 3 require a number given to them by the previous person to solve theirs. You have 6 minutes to produce an answer from the final person. My miniteam got 1/2, a decent score.

Overall, Connecticut teams did pretty great. A team was 17th nationally - their best score ever, and the overall best (accoridng to my coach) for a state team that, unlike the single-school and county teams, can't meet very frequently for practice. The proctors calculated our B team score before subtracting the two rounds; we would have been 24th of 65 - pretty decent.

Even though there were a few disappointing bits, I still had a lot of fun and did good math. And got comprehensively beaten at half a dozen card games, from Spoons to Tricks to Set to Pro-Set.

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