Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Other Flights at NERRF

There were a lot of great flights at NERRF, too many to talk about all of them. Some highlights:

  • Somebody launched an M flight while a number of us were out at the high-power pads. We were still a safe distance away, but it was sudden and unexpected and awesomely loud.
  • Rick Comshaw of CATO launched his 5.5" LDRS-28 rocket on a K skidmark. It was a beautiful flight, but that was before it was realized that the dirt on the left side of the range was too dry. This is no ordinary dirt, however; this is the famed METRA Moondust. Flammable dirt. The sparks started a 50-foot string of grass fires. They were quickly put out because this was a contingency that had been thoroughly prepared for, but I got an incurable urge to whistle 'Light my Fire' by the Doors.
  • There were a number of impressive altitude flights, some to 11,000 feet or more.
  • Right as we pulled in the parking lot, there was a very impressive M flight that went off the away cell. It was a great flight, but the main tangled and there was a collective groan from the crowd. Turn out that was Al Gloer going for Level 3 certification. Fortunately, the "Que$tionable Inve$tment" wasn't damaged. He loaded it up again, got it up on the pad, and... one of the altimeters blinked out an error message.
                 Then, later, as I was out searching for the Sudden Mach, I saw a beautiful M flight lift off. When the main deployed, I could hear the clapping from the flight line - 3000 feet away! He'd gotten a new altimeter and it was a perfect flight, landing right near the pads. My folks got a picture:

    He later recalled on TRF how he'd accidentally connected the middle of the parachute, instead of the lines, to the shock cord. When prepping the second flight, he noticed a piece of tape where he'd connected it the previous time. Written on the tape in his wife's (Karen Gloer of CATO Chutes) handwriting was "Not here, stupid"

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