Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Launch Report #39

I went out today and launched a few rockets on my own at the local field just to test things out.

First was the Heli-roc on an A10-3T. Nice boost to around 300 feet, but one of the rubber bands snapped, so only 2 blades deployed. It flipped end-over-end and was not damaged, but I need a new rubber band.

Second was the Alexi Leonov (Estes Loadstar) on a B6-4. I put the Minitimer3 - which I'll use on Saturday at NERRF - in the payload bay, with a lightbulb to indicate when the timer would fire a charge. It was severely underpowered - Openrocket indicates just 95 feet. It arced over and hit the ground; the ejection charge fired a moment later and threw the engine mount about 60 feet.

And the timer didn't even go; apparently it wasn't enough to trip the acceleration-based G-switch. Fortunately, neither the electronics nor the payload bay were damaged.

I placed the payload bay in place of the nose cone on the Bullpup - creating a ridiculous-looking rocket - and sent it up on a C6-3. Perfect flight to 300 feet, and the timer worked perfectly.

I also found two nose cones in the woods by the field. There are always the unfortunate results of other peoples' flights in there.

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Sir Elderberry said...

I was into model rocketry in elementary school. It was actually pretty cool, it's a pity that club kind of fell apart. I'm afraid most of this goes over my head by now, though.