Monday, June 7, 2010


Finally got time to post on the first part of the adventures of my four-day weekend.

Thursday was states. It was foggy and damp to start out with - not great tennis weather. But Yale has 22 nice courts, and it's such a greta place to play. I happened to draw an exchange student from Spain, currently at Avon High School, in the play-in round. He beat me 6-1 6-1, and it was ugly. Junior year of tennis: over.

Matt Rode met the same fate; 1 doubles lost a long play-in match 5-7 6-7. Rahul and Calvin, since they were 1 and 2 singles, didn't have to play play-in matches. 2 and 3 doubles both won good matches, so 4 of our 7 players / teams went on to the second round.

Rahul won his second-round match 6-1 6-0, and Calvin didn't have to play due to a forfeit. Both 2 and 3 doubles drew very high seeds, so they were doomed from the get-go, but they both won some games and made the matches tough.

Rahul lost a looong three-set match. Calvin started out losing, but as soon as he won a few points, his opponent went downhill and he won. I'm pretty sure he lost his next match, though, which was on Saturday.

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