Friday, June 11, 2010

32 Cesaroni Certifications!

Yes, that's right, 32. Thirty-two. That's a huge number of motors. 137 total firings over 4 days, from 3-grain 24mm Fs to 4-grain 150mm Os. They include the first CTI Pro-24 motors - 3 3-grain Fs and 5 6-grain Gs.

F30-WH/LB-6A     White / Long Burn    73 Ns
F79-SS-13A             Smokey Sam                68 Ns
F240-VM-15A        Vmax                             68 Ns

G65-WH/LB-8A        White / Long Burn     144 Ns
G84-GR-10A              Green3                             131 Ns
G107-WH/DT-12A   White / Dual Thrust  139 Ns
G117-WH-11A            White                              142 Ns
G150-BS-13A             Blue Streak                    143 Ns

2G: G68-WH-13A            White                            108 Ns
3G: H54-WH/LB-10A    White / Long Burn  168 Ns
4G: H135-WH-12A          White                           217 Ns
6GXL: I243-WH-13A     White                            382 Ns

1G: G58-WH-13A         White       137 Ns
2G: H110-WH-14A      White       269 Ns
3G: I175-WH-14A       White       411 Ns
4G: I242-WH-15A       White       548 Ns
5G: J290-WH-15A       White      684 Ns
5G: J270-GR-13A        Green3    650 Ns
6G: J354-WH-16A       White       819 Ns
6GXL: J394-GR-13A   Green3    970 Ns

2G: I100-RL/LB-17A    Red Lightning / Long Burn    614 Ns
2G: J430-WT-18A          White Thunder                            821 Ns
3G: J760-WT-19A          White Thunder                           1266 Ns
3G: J140-WH/LB-P        White / Long Burn                     1211 Ns
4G: K940-WT-18A          White Thunder                           1633 Ns
5G: K261-WH/LB-P        White / Long Burn                    2021 Ns

3G: L820-SK-P                 Skidmark       2946 Ns
6G: M2020-IM-P            Imax               8429 Ns
6GXL: M1545-GR-P       Green3            8187 Ns
6GXL: M2080-SK-P       Skidmark      6827 Ns

CTI Pro150-40000: O3700-SK-P     Skidmar    29920 Ns

AMW 54-2500: K1075-SK-P      Skidmark       2245 Ns

A few of the highlights:

F30-WH/LB-6A: long burn. 2.4 second burn in a nearly full F motor.
F240-VM-15A: super-high acceleration. Probably will get you to Mach.
G65-WH/LB-8A: also long burn. This motor could push 10,000 feet in a small rocket.

I100-RL/LB-15A: 6.14 second burn I motor in the 'soda can' case. Way cool.
O3700-SK-P: One huge Skidmark.

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