Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Order from Chaos

I went to Wal-mart today while doing errands with my folks. I bought a 2400-count box of 4.5mm BBs - almost 30 oz of total weight, enough for many rockets - and weighed them using my mini saucepan on a scale. As I poured them in, I noticed something very cool. The BBs were forming a regular hexagonal pattern, in layers. Better than half of them were in a regular pattern - a perfect large-scale model of crystalline formation. Order from chaos. Suck it, entropy.

I also bought two rolls of good masking tape for painting and two cans of spray paint - a can of blue for replacing the can my dad took to paint a sign, and a can of fluorescent orange for rockets that I need to spot at long distances. I wish I'd had it when I painted the Sudden Mach.

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