Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Finally getting on top of driving

After procrastinating for waaay too long, I'm actually on track to get my licence soon. I've now completed 2 of the 4 state-mandated 2-hour instruction periods, and a third is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Even better, my licence test is scheduled for the 30th! Now I just have to figure out pulling into parking spots backwards.

Of course, mandachan already beat me to it. But she's just that good.


Sascha Grant said...

Good luck with the licence!

Here in Australia, kids have to log (in an official log book) 120 hours of driving on their learners permit before they can attempt their licence test!

The EGE said...


Here in CT, it's 40 hours, though I have about 60 already.

Jake said...

Good luck...I have my learners permit, but hate driving, so I haven't taken the test.