Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My driver's licence test was today.... success!

I've been practicing parking a lot lately, and we went out several times to the area around the DMV so I'd know the roads. I was still really nervous, though; my park jobs weren't very consistent, and backing in is difficult, especially for the narrow DMV spaces.

Fortunately, the instructor was very nice, and all went well. I didn't even have to go on the highway; he had me stay on surface streets. And then my park job was my best ever - dead center in the spot.

I actually got to solo today too. I went to the mall with mandachan and took the highway home. It's not as scary as I thought it would be.

I'm really glad to finally have my licence. I've got more freedom - I can go to work when I want, go places even if my folks are busy, and drive to school. Plus, now I can drive myself to my calculus course in the fall.


mandachan said...

and did you listen to me when i told you not to freak out? nooo...

seriously, though, i basically already told you everything that you had said. they don't have time to take you on the highway (thank FSM), and highway really isn't that bad, though i still don't like having to floor it to get on from the onramp.

and if you weren't such a freak of nature, you wouldn't have to worry about driving to calc ;P :)

DTH Rocket said...

Pretty neat. I remember when I took the test, I used our SUV. Whoo boy, it was a challenge parallel parking that thing, but I just barely managed.


Maelstrom said...

I'm a bit late but Grats!
(btw: license)