Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Motor Certifications

Ah, I love new motors. Aerotech and Gorilla have new loads certified; Frank Kosdon has new loads as well but did not announce details. Test sessions were on May 29th and 30th.

First, the Gorilla loads. The first three have cylindrical-cored Bates grains.

Smallest is the I392BL-18A Black Lightning (sparky) load for the 38-640 case. It's a 39% I motor with 446 Ns; max thrust is 508 N at 0.4 seconds through the 1.13 second burn. Propellant is 270g of the 657g loaded weight.

Also for the 38-640 case is the I462WC-18A White Cloud, a 73% I motor at 557 Ns. Max thrust is 557 N at 0.4 seconds through the 1.2 second burn; propellant weight is 292g of the 690g loaded weight.

For the new 38-780 case is the J607WC-18A White Cloud, a 5% baby J at 678 Ns. Max thrust is 804 N at 0.35 seconds through the 1.11 second burn; propellant is 360g of 868g total.

Then there's two 75mm loads. For the 6000 Ns case is the M745WC-PS White Cloud, a moonburner with 5368 Ns (5% M) over a 7.2 second burn. Max thrust 1424 N at 0.75 seconds; propellant is 2900 of 5511 g weight.

For the 7600 Ns case is the M1085WC-PS, essentially the same motor with a little more propellant and power. Also a moonburner. 6958 Ns (36% M); 2267 N max at 0.75 seconds through 6.4 seconds total; propellant weight 3832 of 7008g total.

Jim Harris of Gorilla also certified 54mm spacers. Congrats.

Aerotech certified three high-power loads, plus the 29mm and 54mm spacer systems finished certification. The 29/360 case needs a special spacer.

Smallest of the three loads was the I170G-10A Mojave Green load for the 54/426 "soda can" case - the sixth reload for that case. 419 Ns (31% I); burn time is 2.4 seconds:
Propellant weight is 227g out of 528 total.

For the 75/3840 case is the L1520T-P, a Blue Thunder load. 3716 Ns (44% L); 2.36 second burn:
Propellant weight is 1854 of 3651g total.

The final motor certified by Aerotech was the L400W-P for the 90/5120 case. It's a moonburner with the regressive thrust curve and 4642 Ns (81% L) total impulse. Propellant weight is 2696 of 5170g total; burn time is 12.24 seconds:

Aerotech will also have some new Metalstorm loads coming out soon.

All information and images from this story and this story from Rocketry Planet.

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