Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Building 'n stuff

I got lots done on Monday. First thing was some work on the Sudden Mach. I reglued the spacers to the Blue Tube couplers, then I added a third fillet to each of the 6 fin / body joints.

Next I made a stand for the Buckeye IV. Not too hard, just 4 2" sections of dowel and a wooden base, but it looks so much nicer standing up.

I then did a lot with the finish on the Orbital Transport. Sanded the first coat of primer, applied and sanded the second coat of primer, then two coats of white. Red paint coming sometime soon.

Finally, I've decided on my next Friggin' Crazy Project, to be completed after the Sudden Mach is done. I'm taking the 1/48 scale SR-71 and converting it for flight. 24mm motor mount, etc. Not gonna be easy, and it'll prolly crash, but it'll be cool.

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