Saturday, November 22, 2008

RNGbane the Valkyrie

Customized for cold-weather performance. (buh-dun-ching!)

The explanation: RNGbane is my new Micromaxx-powered delta-wing boost-glider. The XB-70 was a proposed Mach 3 bomber from the late 1950s. The 6-engined beast would have reached 2000 mph at 70000 feet, enough to completely blow by the Soviet defenses. It's famous for its delta-wing profile:

which my mini plane models.
Valkyrie is also a class of warrior in NetHack, which I play almost constantly. They're the best characters to play during the difficult early game. The random number generator (RNG, also Random Number God) controls much of what happens in the game. It's usually hated for the unlucky things it does. The Banes are special weapons in NetHack that do extra damage (ie, Dragonbane does extra damage against dragons). Thus, my character RNGbane is named, jokingly, to be extra lucky with the random numbers.
Valkyries, being warrior women of the far north, have resistance to cold attacks in NetHack. Thus, it's safe to test RNGbane in 30 degree weather.

I'll explain how it works soon.


mandachan said...

are you picking on me for wearing 3 of everything on thursday? |:|

The EGE said...

No, why?

mandachan said...

the whole valkyrie thing and how you were picking on me 'cause i'm scandinavian and have no cold tolerance

The EGE said...

oh. No, that wasn't the attention.