Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I feel sick. And I've gotta work. An explanation.


mandachan said...

oh, suck it up, ya big baby.

The EGE said...

oh, shuddup. You know how much life truly sucks when you're sick. You just take any signs of pains or, yaknow, me actually being human as excuses to laugh at me. Being the evil genius extraordinaire does not make one instantly immortal and sickness and pain resistant. Those come with time, grasshopper.

mandachan said...

i do know how it feels to be sick. trust me (i'll leave that to your imagination). and i know you're human (though sometimes it's questionable). and yes, i do enjoy finding your faults and picking on you about them because you seem to not be human and that irks me. so when there is something that seems remotely normal about you, i have to point it out.