Friday, November 28, 2008

Farvell RNGbane the Valkyrie

(My player-character, not the rocket)
My best-ever game of NetHack died today. I will now say it in narrative form. (Note to the rude: I play a Valkyrie, a female p-c, because they are the easiest type to play, fight better than other types, and can easily get Excalibur. )
RNGbane the stripling started out good. She went through 3 levels of maze and 3 of the Gnomish Mines before reaching Minetown. She accidentally angered the guards and was forced to kill them in self-defense. That, however, gave her a good set of armor. She ascended to the mazes, went down some more, and entered the puzzle-levels of Sokoban. She solved all four levels and defeated hordes of monsters. She then collected her trophy - a bag of holding - which doubled the weight she could carry - and then promptly destroyed it by putting a wand on cancellation in it. Her wands, rings, and most of her food were lost, but she recovered. She returned to the Mines and soon found another BoH. She acquired much money, gems, and 21 daggers to throw. She went to the end of the mines and acquired a luckstone. She stepped onto a polymorph trap, became a Master Mind Flayer, and sucked a few brains out before returning to human form. Returning to the Mazes of Menace, she descended deeper. After a hitting another polymorph trap and becoming a unicorn, she lost her T-shirt, cloak, and body armor, but all were soon replaced. She found the portal to her Quest but was not yet ready for it. 2 levels later, she hit another polymorph trap and became a stronger Valkyrie. Now she was ready. She easily made it to the Quest's final level. Finally, though, she was done in by a Fire Giant with a wand of sleep. She died with 162 Hit Points at XL (Experience Level) 14 on depth level 17. She had gathered 159,000 points - her personal best. Farvell, RNGbane.
She will rise to fight again.

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