Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Book: Storming Intrepid

The latest infusion of entertainment into my literary lifestyle is Storming Intrepid by Payne Harrison. It's a technothriller set in the 1980s. The basic idea is that the US has one more component to put in place for an absolutely perfect missile defense shield with a gamma-ray laser ('Graser') is space. The Soviets, of course, have a few tricks up their sleeve like secret agent, dinner-plate shaped bombs, and the good old Politburo (the almost omnipotent all-controlling government entity). So, of course, they hijack the space shuttle. The US, of course, must do everything in their power to get it back, like running an SR-71 through most of Russia (and getting at least 20 missiles shot at it), launching a space shuttle full of Stinger missiles, and launching a super-secret space fighter at the shuttle. Humor aside, it really is a great way to spent two hours.

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