Saturday, November 22, 2008

Finally getting the hang of it

I'm getting a lot better in the GEarth flight simulator. I can stay airborne almost indefinitely in stable flight, I can recover from some nasty instability things, and I can fly through the Grand Canyon at Mach 1.2... for about 45 seconds. (It's really hard to fly at 1800 feet second in something maybe 1000 feet wide, okay?) I can take off and land in a F16.
A few of my observations:
    Hit [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[A] to activate the flight simulator if it isn't in your 'Tools' menu.
  • To turn on 3D buildings in flight mode, pause the flight [spacebar], hit [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[B], check next to '3D buildings' in the layers tab, hit the [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[B] again, then [spacebar] again to restart your flight.

  • You can fly thru the 3D buildings with no problem. Terrorists wannabees take note.

  • When landing:
    1. Get to 1000 feet about 2 miles away from your airport.

    2. Hit [Page Dn] until the lower left indicator is almost at the bottom - you're now almost gliding with your engine off.

    3. Hit [G] to put your landing gear down.

    4. Hit [F] twice to put flaps at 40%

    5. glide in to 300 feet up, the put flaps at 100%

    6. Touch down at no more than 120 mph.
    7. Hit [,] and [.] together to brake to a stop.

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