Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Launch Report #8

This is one of my just two rocket posts this week, by bet with mandachan.
I launched a 4 rockets today on 4 flights on 4 motors.
  • First came Jinx on an A3-4T. This is absolutely the perfect motor for this rocket. It goes just high enough to keep it in sight, then comes down 50ft from the pad (without a parachute, of course) in 10mph winds.

  • Next came the Cohete, my motor-with-a-stick-on-it rocket that's a lot more stable than it looks. It boosted high (300ish feet) on an A3-4T with a bit of spin. It recovered safely by tumbling.

  • The first flight of my 18mm saucer came next. It went about 40 feet on a B6-0. It will do much better on a boosted C6-0, but this was just a test.

  • Finally came my Cosmic Cobra on a B6-4. It ejected just after apogee and the helicopter blades on the nose cone deployed nicely. The main body, interestingly, glides rather nicely.

The rocket gods were kind to me today. I found an someone's lost Alpha III in the woods; I can salvage the parachute, fin unit, motor hook, and launch lug. I also found my missing Pen rocket. The one missing fin will be easily replaced.

Rama's motor mount crumpled today, so it's scratched for Saturday. The scissor-wing transport will fly instead.

So far, according to my spreadsheet, I have flown 28 flights on 30 motors, for a total of 94 Ns - a low G motor. I am averaging 3.16 Ns per motor and 3.4 Ns per flight - both low B motors.

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