Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Boost-glider

My 'glider' (It is still unnamed) is decent, but the horizontal tail of the glider is warped and so the glider doesn't fly well. Last night I built an entirely new glider for the same pop-pod. It's a standard glider with raised outer wing sections (for stability) and the tail fin below the body (so the exhaust doesn't burn the fin). It weighs only about 10 grams - .35 oz.
The cool thing about boost-gliders is that for one booster, you can have several different gliders for different looks, flights, altitudes, motors, etc. A glider can be built in a hour from a buck's worth of balsa which you can buy almost anywhere, but the pop-pod takes several dollars worth of nose cone, body tube, motor mount, and streamer. I plan to build several experimental gliders - flex-wing, delta-wing, etc - to use with my pod.

This is my 100th post. I'm amazed that I've kept this up this long.

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