Sunday, November 16, 2008

Launch Report #9 - CATO 143

It was cold and very windy - 15 or 20 steady with 45+ gusts - so I didn't fly much - only 57.5 Ns out of my planned 165. The field was soaked everywhere with many puddles and the grass was long.

Update 1/4/09: pictures are HERE

  • First came my Cloud Hopper on a B6-4. It had a beautiful flights with both streamers deployed. The baffle fried; I'm removing it. One fin broke off at landing, and the engine mount fell out later. All will be repaired except for the baffle.

  • 20 seconds later came the Cohete on an A3-4T. It boosted straight up and came down with no damage. It came back with plenty of mud.

  • Next came my 24mm saucer on a D12-0 staged to my 18mm saucer on a C6-0. It was a great crowd-pleaser. The big saucer roared up to 60 feet on the long, throaty burn of the D, then the small saucer went up to about 200 on the C. Both recovered safely, but the smaller saucer tends to flip on recovery rather than drift down pointed down. These two will fly together again.

  • Next came the Mongoose on an A8-3. It flew great, but it landed in a puddle.

  • Next came the Astron Invader on a C6-3. It did about 6 turns in a helix, continued roughly straight for 3 seconds, then glided for close to 30 seconds. I recovered it about 500 feet downrange.

  • Finally came the Hi-Jinx on B6-0 / A3-4T. The lower stage failed to eject and the Jinx has a bit of melting. They were recovered 600 feet downrange at the edge of the tree line. Both will fly again.

I flew 6 rockets on 6 flights with 8 motors. So far, I've flown 34 flights on 38 motors for 152.42 Ns (a high G), for 4.01 Ns per motor and 4.48 per flights (both mid to high Bs).

There were some other great flights. A ten-year-old kid launched at least 6 flights. One of his Der Red Max flights lawn darted, but the next landed safely literally at my feet. The RSO yelled at me for not looking up, but I was watching it all the way. One of his 3 flights on a Quest seeker tipped over from the wind and went over the line of cars at 15 feet up before lawndarting. Al Gloer (the CATO president) remarked, "I wonder what it was seeking."

Al Gloer's saucer was LOUD on a G79. It echoed at least twice.

Gary Tortora's Mini Mad Dog (4 feet long, his real Mad Dog is ~15 feet tall) had an altimeter failure and lawndarted. He recovered everything but the nose cone, which was at least 3 feet underground!

Al Gloer and I plan to drag race our Comanche-3s next time. Hopefully his is not painted red (stock color is orange) so we can tell ours apart.

Due to the wind, nobody flew much so the total was nowhere near the goal of a total M.