Monday, November 24, 2008


Some of my fleet has been injured lately, but they're coming back:
  • The Cloud Hopper left CATO with a broken fin, a busted engine mount, and a a ripped-off baffle. I've reglued the fin, wiped off the mud, and I will soon reglue the shock cord and engine mount. I don't plan to build a new baffle.

  • The Mongoose came out with a soaked body tube and a busted nose cone. I reglued the cone, dried the tube, and it's ready to go.

  • The Jinx has been cleaned, washed, and dried.

  • The Dual Saucers and the Astron Invader have been de-mudded.

  • Rama is getting a new motor mount

  • My secret Goonybird is under construction.

  • The pen rocket has had its missing fin replaced. As is my custom, replaced fins are left unpainted.


mandachan said...

you need to check your email again :D

ha. these random combinations of letters for the security code spell out funny things, like "synapoo". sometimes they even have real words.

mandachan said...

'inkled'? what the heck is 'inkled'? is that the past tense of 'inkle'? what the heck is 'inkle'?
("you know, 'i inkle', 'you inkle', 'he/she/we inkle'?")
ah, spongebob, good stuff, good stuff. more stuff you'd never watch. you poor unfortunate child.

The EGE said...

Wow. You just halved the average IQ level of comments on my blog.

mandachan said...

oh, shut up. you know you enjoy it.
(hee hee, 'lendeter')

and only the truly awesome find my blog, so you can't use my lack of visits against me. besides, i have more friends on facebook than you do.

The EGE said...

So? I only friend people I know, and only nice people at that. I've ignored 2 friend requests - 1 from someone I don't know and one from someone at LHS that I hate.

mandachan said...

who was the hate?
and i know everyone. whether i talk to them on a regular basis is a different story.

The EGE said...

Ed Ahlcrona.

mandachan said...

yeahhh... don't know who he is. proves how socially inept i am.