Sunday, November 2, 2008

Launch Report #5

So I spent a hour downstairs today and came out with a decent looking Serenity mockup. No funny pointy nose, just a blunt easter egg half. I went out and launched it this afternoon. It was one of my more entertaining failures.
At ignition, it went 2 feet straight up, stopped, and feel down right as the ejection charge blew. It broke badly. 2 pylons broke into 5 pieces, the tail ring fell off, and the launch lug (a funny little thing that lets the rocket slide up the launch rod) stayed on the rod. It was obviously waaaaaaay underpowered. I'm not sure if it's fixable. I'm putting a poll up with options. You can choose multiple options, but don't vote more than once. Your choices:
  • Retire it: With non-flying decorations and a good nose, it'll make a decent static model.

  • Boost it: I can make a higher-powered booster stage for better launches.

  • Make a bigger version: I can make an upscale, perhaps with 13mm motors.

  • Glide it: with a few modifications, it'll make a decent unpowered glider.

You decide.

I'm sorry, Laura, that I couldn't let you watch, but I only was able to launch this today, which wasn't very exciting, and NAR rules generally prohibit spectators on experimental flights.

I burned one motor in one flight with one rocket, for a total of 0.18Ns of total impulse. So far, while keeping records, I have launched 11 rockets on 18 flights and 19 motors, for 34.3 Ns - a mid to high E motor.

If you every don't understand any of these rocketry terms, then leave a comment. I check all recent posts daily for comments and I'm automatically notified if anyone comments on older posts.

I'm planning to launch tomorrow. Some possibilities:
  • SpaceShipOne on a C6-3. Estimated altitude 400 feet.

  • Rama (stable with big clear fins) also on a C6-3. Maybe 200 feet, maybe not. But it won't crash.

  • The Cloud Hopper on an A8-3. I'd say about 150 feet or so. The delay will be a bit long, but what the heck.

  • The upper stage of my Comanche-3 on either an A8-3 of B6-4. 250 or 500 feet.

  • Cosmic cobra booster with MaxTrax altitude capsule and 2 altitude-tracking streamers (they fall at 18 feet per second, so I just time them) for accuracy testing on a B6-4, to about 250 feet.

  • The Hummingbird Boost glider on a MMX, to maybe 50 feet.

  • Pen Rocket on MMX. I'm afraid of losing it in my yard since it goes so high - nearly 200 feet.


mandachan said...

i vote you blow it up.

The EGE said...

That is NOT an option, unless you can find me an old C5-3 motor, which were prone to blowing up.

mandachan said...

i already gave you the nalgene to blow up. and i don't even know what a C5-3 motor is. and then the whole 'not the best state of mind' thing.

The EGE said...

A C5-3 was an old Estes motor (see my explanation post, soon to be linked on sidebar) that had one production run with a problem that caused 100% of them to blow up. That's why they're no longer produced.