Sunday, November 2, 2008

Launch report #6

I finally got to go out today and burn some motors larger than a pencil eraser! It was a bit windy, but all went well.
  • First up was Rama on a C6-3. It had a nice straight boost, very fast for its weight and drag, and ejected just after apogee. The parachute melted, though, and 'plastic wad recovery' doesn't work for a half-pound monster. There's no damage except a possibly dead chute and I need to reglue the fins. No biggie.

  • Next came the Cloud Hopper. She left off the pad on an A8-3; ejection was slightly late. I had the dual streamers stowed inside the hollow nose cone because the body is only long enough for engine, baffle, and nose cone shoulder. The baffle broke apart and the rocket separated. Both halves recovered with no damage, and she'll fly again, but probably without a baffle.

  • Next, I tried to fly my pen rocket on an MMX, but I just couldn't get the tiny igniter to light the tiny motor. sigh.

  • Next was the maiden flight of SpaceShipOne on a C6-3. This is a perfect motor for this rocket. The chute tangled, which prevented it from dying in the rocket-eating trees. (I've found bits of at least 4 rockets in them). It still recovered with no damage because the body tends to safely flat spin.

  • Next came the Hi-Jinx: A spare booster stage with a C6-0 in it staged to an A3-4T in the Jinx. It staged perfectly and the Jinx came down safely from about 600 feet. It landed on hard asphalt with no damage. The booster, amazingly, landed right-side-up on its fins.

  • My final two flights were my Cosmic Cobra booster with the Altitude tracking capsule and 2 tracking streamers inside. Both flights were great on B6-4s. The capsule read 168.5 feet (probably right) on the first flight and didn't record on the second flight.

I flew 5 rockets for 6 flights on 7 motors. I flew 2 A, 2B, and 3 C motors, for 45 Ns of total impulse - a low F motor. This makes for 24 flights on 26 motors, for 79.3 Ns of total impulse - a very high F motor. I'm averaging 3.3 Ns per flight and 3.05 Ns per motor - both are low B motors.

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