Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flight Simulator

Google Earth has a truly awesome flight simulator built in. You can choose between an F16 capable of Mach 2 and a Cirrus SR22, a high-performance propeller plane. You also can choose between starting at your present location, or on a number of runways around the world. Taking off is hard, though.
You can steer with mouse, joystick, or keyboard. A joystick would be good, but keyboard arrows (plus a few other commands) work well. Using the keyboard commands is pretty simple. The arrows control roll and pitch, [space] is pause, 5 resets the controls to neutral, G toggles landing gear, and F increases and Shift-F decreases the flaps.
And it's free, and GEarth lets you look at the entire planet in 3D. It's awesome. I've done such things as fly 200 ft over Mt. Washington at 1100 mph and buzz my house at Mach 1.


mandachan said...

can you crash? just wondering ^-^

The EGE said...

Yeah. It gives you the option to either quit flight simulator or continue your flight from above your crash site. I want missiles, bombs, and the abillity to dogfight. Just saying.

mandachan said...

that's cool.