Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Fleet!

Okay, I finally got my fleet together... and promptly forgot a couple. But here's almost all of it:
From L to R:
Back row:
Unnamed saucer (24mm)
Astrocam (18mm)
Mongoose with booster (18mm to 18mm staged)
Cosmic Cobra (18mm)
Screaming Yellow Zonker (18mm to 18mm staged)
Rama (18mm)
Wizard (18mm)
Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov (Loadstar) (18mm to 18mm staged)
Bullpuppy (18mm)
Jinx (13mm)
Cloud Hopper (18mm)
Booster stage (18mm)
MaxTrax altitude tracking capsule (hanging)
Cohete (lying down) (13mm)
Comanche-3 (24mm to 18mm to 18mm staged)
Front: (large rockets)
Scissor Wing Transport (18mm)
Unnamed boost glider (18mm)
Astron Invader (18mm)
Transwing (18mm)
SpaceShipOne (18mm)
Front: tiny rockets:
Pen rocket (MMX)
Hummingbird (MMX)

For scale, the Comanche-3 is 41" long and 1" in diameter.

Not pictured:
Wizard - found in woods. Salvaged a few parts.
Viking - flown once, scavenged for parts.
Not flyable:
Gauchito (13mm) - am replacing motor mount
38mm Saucer - not yet ordered
Secret Goonybird - still in creation
Mach My Day (18mm)

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