Friday, May 7, 2010

Tenth Match

Match yesterday against Fitch. Another revenge match; they beat us before.

I didn't do great. I lost the first set 3-6, then got up 4-0 in the second. But I only won one of the next 8 games and I lost that set 5-7, even though a numebr of my teammates were rooting for me. I wasn't feeling too good.

But then, just after I lost, 3 doubles finished. They won. Turns out, so did Rahul and Calvin at 1 and 2 singles, and 1 doubles as well. In other words, we won.

So now I don't feel near as bad. Also, I had an incredible shot. I was at the net returning a volley, and I sent a brutally fast shot straight down the middle. Straight at him. He ducked, but not fast enough, and it nailed him above the ear. He was okay, though. And it made me feel good. I'm so mean.

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