Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eighth Match

Yesterday, versus Killingly. The day started out rainy but dried up, and it only stopped threatening rain halfway through the match. The courts were msotly dry, but one side had some slippery slime behind the back line near the fence.

The first set was hard. Neither of us could break the others' serve; it went back and forth but he eventually broke my serve - won the game even though I was serving - and he won the first set 7-5.

I broke his serve to start the second set; my coach suggested I hit deeper shots and that certainly helped. On my serve, we had a long deuce point that went back and worth until I finally won it. After I broke his next serve, I was up 3-0, and he fell apart. He was mad because I don't play hard and fast like he wanted to; he kept getting tripped up by my slow, deep lobs and short drop shots. He yelled at me, intentionally lost a few points, hit balls back to me hard after points, etc.

Third set I won 6-2. He was extremely angry for no reason other than that he was losing. He even said some things that were rather unchristian for a guy named Christian.

He wasn't a lot of fun to play against, but a win is a win, and hopefully I'll never see him again. Team won 6-1, so we're 6-2 now. Next match is today.

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