Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fifth Match

Did not go so well. We were up against Fitch, who are in the next larger division above us, and our perennial rivals in every. single. friggin' sport.

I did not play well. Sloppy shot after sloppy shot - into the net, wide, long, repeat. I had some good shots, but I just wasn't hitting with power, and my opponent was. He also didn't quite play fair; there were several shots that double-bounced on his side - my point - that he denied, two of which cost me games. I lost the first set 3-6 but should have won; I lost the second set 0-6, and even if I had won the first set he still would have probably won the match.

The team lost 2-5; only #2 singles and #1 doubles won. Rahul at #1 singles and Matt at #3 both hung on for 3 long sets but just couldn't pull it off. The team is now at 3-2, but two of our nastiest matches are behind us (we play both Bacon and Fitch again, but those are at home and I believe we can win those) and we have 3 easy matches next week.

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