Monday, April 19, 2010

Second Match

My second varsity tennis match was today. My coach shuffled us around an bit, so I ended up playing #4 singles against a guy better than me. He had a faster serve than spun crazily to the side, faster groundstrokes than I, and should have beat me.

He started out by winning during my serve - not an auspicious start for me. Then I started some dirty tricks, mostly using the wind to curve some shots. He also couldn't get his serve in very much, so he lost a lot of points from that, and I won the next 6 games. First set: 6-1

Second set was a bit harder. He got a burst of energy after talking to his coach between sets, and in the first game he hit several shots faster than ever before. But I started returning them, and he couldn't keep hitting them, and I eventually pulled ahead. I got to 5-2, but I couldn't quite close it out - he won a game on his serve, and then we had a game lasting at least 15 minutes that neither of us could string enough points together to win, though he eventually did. I won the next game off his poor serve, though, to end it. Second set: 6-4

The team won 6-1; only #3 doubles lost in a close match that had an epic-length tiebreaker. I'm now 1-1 overall - 1-0 singles and 0-1 doubles; the team is 1-1. Next match is tomorrow.

Also: mandachan had an awesome day in softball - 4 for 4 with three singles and a double. Read all about it.

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