Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fourth Match

Rocketry post coming tonight, I promise...

Our fourth match was yesterday, against St. Bernards. Since one of our three-doubles guys had to leave early, I didn't start playing until one of the matches ended. Their 1-3 singles guys were pretty good, and they won quickly. However, 3 doubles hung on and won, so just after I started we were down 1-3. 1 and 2 doubles started just after I did.

I was playing a short freshman (is that redundant) who had good shots. However, he couldn't get his serve in, and he wasn't very accurate, so I was able to keep hitting shot after shot to his backhand side until he mishit. He wasn't able to come up to the net... I am a mean old man and lobbed it over him.

And mandachan showed up. Which put a big smile on my face.

I eventually won, 6-1 6-0, but the kid was a very kind loser and complimented me. He's pretty good for a freshman - he pulled off some very powerful shots - and he'll be very good as an upperclassmen.

Just after I won, 1 and 2 doubles also finished, both winning well. In 5 minutes, we went from down 1-3 to an awesome 4-3 win. I'm now 3-0 at singles; the team is 3-1.

We have a tough match against Fitch tomorrow, though. Stay tuned.

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