Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lots of Building!

I got tons of building done today, much of it with the Fliskits L-13 scale model.

I cut out the paper shroud that forms the tail cone and glued it together. Then I did the tricky assembly of the aft end of the rocket - gluing the motor mount halfway into the body tube, then gluing the paper cone to that. It's a delicate operation, and pictures will make it make more sense, but it came out well.

Then I cut out the four fins from the 3/32" sheet of balsa. They were pretty rough after sanding, so I used some white glue smeared on to smooth them out.

Finally, I cut the parts for the scale-detail rails that go on the side of the rocket, which are made from 1/16" balsa and plastic angle, and gled those together.

I fixed the glider that I flew the other day; that just requires a drop of superglue to fix the spacer that keeps it from falling off the hook during flight.

The last thing I did was to mix a little epoxy clay to fix the Heli-roc. One of the tiny nylon hinges on the blades broke during the upside-down recovery a week ago. I tacked it in place with a drop of superglue, then covered the joint with epoxy. Once it dries, it'll be very strong. I had a little extra, so I fixed a broken part on an LED reading light.

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