Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Match

My first tennis match as a varsity player was Wednesday. (Shut up, I've been busy since then). I was playing third doubles. The format of guys tennis is 4 singles matches and 3 doubles. Up until now it was 5 singles and 2 doubles, but they changed it this year to allow and extra guy on varsity. In our case, that guy may have been me.

I played with a guy with the same first name as me. Our last names are Fidrych and Sindel, so we have become 'Fid-Sid'. We tend to work pretty well together, though we don't communicate enough. Each set in a tennis match is played until one person/pair has won 6 games. If it reaches 5-5, then 6-5, then another game is played. If it's 7-5 after, then the game is over. If it's 6-6, then a tiebreak is played, with alternating serves and it's really nasty and complicated. So, in my first varsity match, we of course got into one.

We didn't start out too well, and we suddenly found ourselves down 5 games to one. Then I managed to get a few low, spinning serves in and we fought back - to 5-5, then down 6-5, then finally we got to 6-6. By this time, one of our singles had won (two more really should have) and both of the other doubles had also won, so it was tied 3-3 and everything was on us. A tie break is to 7 point, but you must win by two. We got up 6-3 in the tiebreak; one of my smashes from the net was so hard that it went over the 12' fence on the bounce. However, from there we fell apart; they scored 5 consecutive points and won the tie break 8-6.

From there, we didn't do very well, and we lost the second set 6-3. It was disappointing, but coach didn't blame us for the loss because two of the singles lost when they should have won; we were up against two guys who played every bit as well as us and just got a little luckier. Hopefully we'll do better next time; our next match is a week from this coming monday.

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