Saturday, April 3, 2010

Launch Report #36: 2010 #1

I took advantage of the nice weather and flew three rockets today, all untested designs that I didn't really want to fly first at CATO.

First came the Frankenstein II with my newly-painted new 18mm booster, staged C6-0 to B6-4. OpenRocket predicts 1100 feet, but I think it was a bit higher than that. It zipped off the pad real quick, staged at about 300 feet, and deployed out of sight with a white poof from the flour I put inside as tracking powder.

I watched the booster come down, but I couldn't see the sustainer. Then my dad spotted it - it had come down under the streamer on the other side of the field, sight unseen. No damage.

Second flight was the maiden flight of the Heli-roc. It took a while to get the blades ready for flight, but it boosted straight and fast on an A10-3T. The motor popped out at ejection, though, which was not good. Without the weight of the motor, the aft end was no longer pulled down, so it rotated slower than ideal and came down nose-first. The impact broke one hinge, but it can be fixed. Next time I'll tape the motor in more securely.

Third was my new 18mm glider pod - the Green Glider - on a B6-2, carrying Glider #3. Boost was very fast and incredibly high for a glider; it spent 45 seconds in the air and might have doubled that without the intentional left-hand turn to keep it on the field.

Total impulse burned was 19.4 Newton-seconds, almost a full D. I rearranged my flight recording spreadsheet to be easier to use, so now I can separate stats by year as well as just the totals. This year I have burned 19.4 Ns in 4 motors on four flights; total since September 2008 I have burned 1771 Ns (38.4% K motor) in 174 motors on 150 flights.

My dad took some pictures, but none of them came out well. Sorry.

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