Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Refinished SpaceShipOne!

I finally finished all the detailing on the newly refinished SpaceShipOne. It took me around 4 hours total to do all of it. The angles here are rather trippy, cause there's 360° detailing on the body, wings, and tail fins. Here's a view of the right side:

I put on a white base coat and did the red stripes with masking and red spray paint; everything else was but hand with Sharpies. It's a funny shape and I don't have a steady hand, so there's lots of sloppy lines, but from 5 or 10 feet away it looks nice.

The paint scheme isn't perfectly scale; the red area under the wing is supposed to be larger than on top, and I made way to much of the nozzle red. The red under the forward fuselage is also imperfectly shaped. I don't really mind; it still looks awesome, and the kit isn't perfectly scale anyway.


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