Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sudden Mach Parts

  • 2x LOC Precision 29mm x 34" tubing
  • 36" length of 3/32" allthread for the avbay
  • 1/8" basswood for fins
  • 2x 29mm x 7.4" Blue Tube coupler
  • 12" x 1/8" styrene rod (for timer switch actuator)
  • 30' of 1/10" Kevlar (300 lb test)
  • baggie of nuts and washers for 3/32" allthread
  • 3/16" plywood for bulkhead disks and sleds, and prototype disk
  • 2x rail buttons
  • 2x 1/8" quick-links
  • Perfectflite Minitimer 3 and baggie of hardware
  • Apogee 29mm nose cone

Not pictured:
  • Screw eyes; I forgot to get them at the hardware store. They will be inserted into drilled holes in the bulkheads then epoxied into place.
  • Streamer/parachute - will vary depending on flight profile and conditions
  • Chute protector(s) - optional
  • 9V battery for timer
  • Primer and spray paint


DTH Rocket said...


I love ambitious projects.

R2K said...

Wow that thing is long. Good call on the blue tube coupler, that stiffening is probably needed. What kinds of motors are expected here?