Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tripoli certifies the first RATTWorks Tribrid motors

Yeah, I'm a week late, but this is so cool I couldn't pass up posting.

Tripoli Motor Testing has certified the first Tribrid motors. They're a special type of hybrd motors that have two types of fuel, alcohol and ABS plastic, along with the nitrous oxide (N2O) oxidizer.

First, an igniter grain ignites, causing the nitrous to burn with the ABS, in normal hybrid mode. Then, the alcohol ignites, and it's running in the higher-thrust tribrid mode. Finally, the fuel grain runs out and the N2O and alcohol burn in bipropellant mode until burnout. RATTworks has an excellent tutorial.

Both of their first two tribrids are mid-K motors in the standard 64mm (2.5") hardware.

The first tribrid is the K350TR-P. It's a 45% K at 1861 Ns, average thrust of 453 N, max thrust of 863 N (194 lbs). Burn time is 3.89 seconds; thrustcurve info and thrust curve are available.

The second is a longer version with a different liquid injector assembly, the K600TR-P. It's a 70% K at 2170 Ns, average thrust of 561N over a 3.67 second burn time; max thrust of 1223 N. Thrustcurve info

Rocketry Planet article
Thanks to Dick Stafford for the tipoff.

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