Monday, May 3, 2010

Minor Upgrades Complete

Added a few new labels, notably Professional Rocketry. Changed labels on old posts, corrected spelling and grammar. Updated profile. Added new blogs to list, and bettered the list of my best posts.

Labels have also been changed to a cloud from the older, plainer, bulkier list. Like / dislike?

I've put in Google Analytics code. It lets me see how many folks visit, from where, what they look at, how long they stay, and how they get here. Doesn't identify individual vistors, just gives me general facts and figures. That way I can keep my content as what all you folks want to see - no point talking about boring stuff, when it's apparently the APCP chemistry, dicyanoacetylene, and big motors you're after.

Since I've now got all the useful data with invisible, noninstrusive code, I no longer need the hit counter and map at the bottom, unless you want them. I moved them from the sidebar to the bottom anyway. Comments?

I've been thinking of changing the color from green, perhaps to blue of grey or something. Thoughts?

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