Sunday, May 9, 2010

Building progress

I haven't made any huge progress, but I've gotten bits and pieces done with a few rockets:

I've been doing bulkheads for the Sudden Mach's aviatronics bay. I made one test bulkhead out of basswood, to make sure everything fits right. Now I'm cutting parts out of 3/16" plywood - 4 disks for the bulkheads, and more for the 'sleds' for the electronics to fit on. Lots of cutting and sanding and frustration. The first 2-piece bulkhead is almost finished, though.

The 18mm cluster motor mount on the Multi-Goon got burnt last flight, mainly because the balsa block holding the mount against the engine hook squished and let the mount partially slip out. The first thing I did was to scrape off the balsa and replace it with a piece if plywood that won't burn as quickly nor squish. Once that dires, I'll coat the whole thing in wood glue to protect it from the ejection charge, and then it'll be ready to fly in two weeks, probably on 3 B6-4s.

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