Saturday, May 15, 2010

Marathon Building Session

I probably got more building done today than I have in any single day in the past 6 months.

Most of my work was on the Sudden Mach. I Finished cutting all the tubing for it - forward, avbay, and aft sections cut to length, plus the two spacer rings on the couplers. I glued the retainer rings onto the couplers and cut the couplers to length. I sanded the edge of the forward section down to form a smooth joint with the nose cone.

I test-fit all the avbay components together. With the exception of one of the two bulkheads, which I sanded to shape and glued together today but didn't have time to drill, every part was ready for a rough fit. I cut the lenght of all thread in two to fit the length; all the nuts fit perfectly, and it holds it all together.

I also cut the Kevlar shock cord and tied the ends to prevent fraying.

There's only four major things remaining to do for the Sudden Mach. First, attach and reinforce the fins. Second, build the 'sled' that holds the timer inside the avbay. Third, drill the holes in the last bulkhead plate and attach the eyehooks to both with epoxy clay, and finally, use the epoxy clay to attach the shock cords to the body tubes. Then, it'll be ready for a test flight next Saturday.

I did a bit of work on the Multi-Goon as well. I glued on bits of plywood to the 5x13mm and 3x18mm motor mounts for better retention.

Once the primer was dry and sanded on the L-13, I applied two coats of paint. The first was an all-over coat of silver, then the second was a coat of medium grey, masked off for scale-detail stripes. It looks really nice. Tomorrow comes light grey and red.

Pictures coming soon.

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