Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sudden Mach Progress

I'm getting more and more done on the Sudden Mach. Today, I mixed some epoxy clay and fixed the eybolts into the ends of the bulkheads for the avbay, and used the epoxy to close the open eyes on the eyebolts. I also attached one of the two rail buttons.

Here's a picture of all the parts together.

Tomorrow, when I've got a little time, I will take the two loose basswood disks and make the 'sled' for the timer. It'll incorporate the switch,, so that I can turn the electronics fully on/off with just one switch.

My mom also fixed two parachutes that were damaged in the last launch, by patching the burn holes. They're all ready to go for the launch on Saturday. The Sudden Mach should be ready by Saturday, so long as I start gluing the fins tomorrow.

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