Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ninth Match

Match at home versus Bacon today. This was a blood match; they humiliated us in the first match of the season and we wanted revenge.

And we got it. Team won 5-2. Not only did 2 singles and 1&2 doubles win as before, but 3 doubles (where I was before) got the win and won won as well.

I personally won 6-2 6-1. The guy I was playing (like almost all I play) had a strong serve that he couldn't get in. His second serve was very weak, so I'd run up, hit it deep, and then I could stay at the net because he wasn't able to lob it over me.

Team is now 7-2 and set to challenge for the league Medium Division title. We have a real tough match against Fitch tomorrow.

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