Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Stuff

F is a really awesome key for rock and metal. Awesome power chords, and it puts trumpets in Bb (two flats). We're playing Metallica's Enter Sandman in Jazz Band, which is not exactly the light boring jazz standards that every other high school jazz bands play. We play Cake, and Metallica, and Edgar Winters. We rock the joint.

Irony: Wikimania 2010, Wikipedia's annual real-world event, is being held in Gdansk, Poland. The article about Gdansk was the subject of a massive and infamous edit war several years ago over whether to refer to the city by its Polish name Gdansk, or the German Danzig.

Google Wave is a new online software tool from Google, a sort of combination of email, chat, documents, and more. [Official site] It's kinds neat looking, though apparently rather complicated to learn. What I just learned today is how several bits of it are in-jokes from the TV show Firefly. First off the name 'wave' is a reference to a scene where Simon sends a 'wave' - a futuristic sort of voice or video mail - to his father in a meeting. Several error messages are Firefly (and its movie offspring Serenity) quotes, including the crash message, Wash's "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

I have a new music stand. My old one was made of thin metal, almost seven years old, and beginning to fall apart. It could no longer hold my heaviest book, the Arban's Trumpet Method (the standard reference work for trumpet). My mom secretly bought a new stand off Amazon and placed it in the basement today for me to find. Shiny.

I've gotten more work done on the SpaceShipOne. I have the forward windows, all the lines on the wings and tails, and the identification number (N328KF) drawn on. Mostly neatly, but drawing on a slippery round rocket is much harder than it sounds. And I have to draw everything on; none of the old decals are any good.

I've got a nice set of McGraw-Hill Science and Technology encyclopedias, which I got for free when the library I work at cleaned out its reference section. It's a few years old and huge - 20 volumes, 75 pounds - but a great reference source. Inspired by A.J. Jacobs, I've set out to read the entire thing. Currently I'm up to page 28 of the first volume, having already read about A15 compounds, abaca (Manila hemp), abacuses, absorbtion of electromagnetic radiation, and Acantharea - plankton with strontium sulfate shells. It'll take me the better part of a year to read the whole encyclopedia, but it's fun so far.

Good news on the NAR and TRA's lawsuit against the BAFTE (formerly known as the ATF): Judge Reggie Walton has decided that the two rocketry organizations will be reimbursed by BAFTE for part of their legal fees, totalling several hundred thousand dollars.

Tennis started on wednesday; I've had three practices already and an extra varsity practice (I may or may not actually play varsity this year) today at noon. I'm doing pretty well, even though the cold and wind are brutal, but I am sore as heck. Things I didn't even know I could be sore - they're sore. My ribs are sore, from PLAYING TENNIS. It hurts to cough, and I've been taking ibuprofen.

That's all for now, folks. Good night.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Jeff, from ARML. I always love the "Random"-style posts.

Maybe I'll make it along to some East Lyme tennis matches this year and say 'hi'... probably doubtful though, what with track and school and such.

Google Wave has always intrigued me, mostly for the fact that I can always think of interesting ways to use it, which always end up to be either useless or impractical due to the complete lack of anybody using or checking Wave on any sort of regular basis. I think it could be an interesting development and possible next step out of the IM/email age... assuming it gets a little quicker than the sluggish loading it's working with now.

Out of interest, what's your address?

The EGE said...

I don't actually use Wave...

Ledyard got moved from the L to M division... we don't play EL at all this year.