Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NARCON part 4: my loot

I spent an inordinate amount of money on stuff at NARCON, but I came home with lots of cool swag.
Starting with the upper left:

The first kit I got was the Fliskits Nell, which I talked a bit about earlier. It's a huge but lightweight scale model; mine is serial #96. Next is the Fliskits L13, also a largish Goddard scale model. Both are pretty tricky builds. The Nell requires you to build a complex network of dowels and tubes for the framework; the L-13 involves a lot of masking and a complex fin structure. Both require hand-rolled paper shrouds.

The bunch of brown tubes in the center is a QCR (Qualified Competition Rockets) "No Crimp I". It's a 13mm superroc, 5 feet tall (!), that flies on A motors. And it's got a 16" parachute. I'm new to competition rocketry, but this looks like a lot of fun.

The box on the right is an out-of-production Estes ARV Condor kit that i picked up for a song from Kevin Ha's "Send my son to Europe Fund". It's a neat 18mm kit that releases 2 mini gliders at apogee. It's a dificult kit that requires fine motor skills to put the gliders together, and a good paint job. It'll take me quite a while to build.

The little tiny pin in the middle is from one of the presenters; it's from the Solid Rocket Booster program at Marshall Space Flight Center.

The papers at the left include Quest and Aerotech catalogs and other price sheets. Unfortunately, I managed to lose my Cosmodrome and Fliskits catalogs.

The grey stuff in the middle is a stack of waterslide decals with numbers and letters on them, free from NAR Technical Services. Designed for competitors putting their NAR number (as required) on competition rockets, they're good for labelling all sorts of rockets.

The three packets at the right are three Kevlar parachute protectors from Sunward, in 3", 6", and 9" sizes.

Finally, in the middle is some power. One Cesaroni Pro38-1G 38mm one-grain motor case, a PRODAT delay adjustment tool, and a G115WT-13A White Thunder motor. Everything needed to send the Mach Goon to Mach 1.15.

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Sascha Grant said...

Ohh! ohh! I like swag!!

Sounds like you had fun :)

The EGE said...

Yet another Chinese spam comment removed... Apparently they have nothing to do other than give me helpful directories of virus-ridden porno sites.

R2K said...

: ) I would have loved to go this time, but it was a bit too far :(

Good call on the Pro 38, going to get a Pro 38 4 grain soon with a spacer, mostly to fly the H400 motor! I want it!