Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Metalstorm Sparkies Certified!

Yesterday (I'm slow, okay?) Aerotech released news of certifications on their first four Metalstorm sparky motors - three reloads and one single-use motor. Their sparkies are high-density, high-energy propellant with white flame and smoke, plus yellow sparks.

First is the HP-G75M. It's available in 4,7, and 10-second delays; it's a 29mm SU motor and 124mm long - same as their G77-G80 SU and LMS motors. Total impulse of 120.4 Ns over a burn time of 1.6 seconds. Propellant weight is 66.8g, total weight 132g, specific impulse (Isp of 184. Definitely a high-power motor, with the sparks and over 62.5g of propellant, but it'll act just like any other SU G motor. And: it has the power to push a 29mm machbuster over Mach 1. Imagine. A sparky Machbuster. MSRP of $19.99, comparable to their other G motors.

Next is the reloadable H170M-14A for the 38/360 casing. It's a full H motor at 319.9 Newton-seconds (Ns) of total impulse. 1.9 second burn time, 182.5g of propellant, Isp of 179, 330g (just under 12oz) loaded, MSRP $29.99. It has the new 14-second user-adjusted delay.

They also certified another 38mm load: the J340M-14A in the 38/720 case. 651.7 Ns (a baby J, good for level-2 certification); 1.8 second burn, 365g propellant and 577g loaded; Isp of 182, 14-second adjustable delay. MSRP of $49.99.

The final load certified by Aerotech is the K540M-14A for the common 54/1706 case. Total impulse of 1596.3 Ns, 2.9 second burn time, 876.7g propellant, 1275g loaded, 5 purple monkeys included, Isp of 176, MSRP of $104.99.

From Rocketry Planet

Quest also certified a new motor recently - a much smaller blackpowder motor. Their 13mm x 55mm (longer than the standard mini) A3-2 and A3-4 are 80% A motors with a 2-second burn time. Low thrust and long burn time might be good for competition, but them not being full A motors is not.

From TRF

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