Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New motors from CTI, part infinity

Yet again, Cesaroni has gotten another pack of new motors certified. They aren't the Pro24 line yet, unfortunately; those won't be certified till after NARCON.

First up are three new Pro29 reloads, in 1G (one-grain), 2G, and 3G sizes. They're all made from their fast-burning Vmax propellant, and all are high-power loads due to thrust:

1G: F120-14A (56 Ns total impulse)
2G: G250-14A (110 Ns)
3G: H410-14A (168 Ns)

No, you're not reading those wrong. Those are high-power F and G motors, with ridiculously high thrust. Mach-busting thrust. The highest thrust available for an F motor. The H410 has the highest thrust of any 29mm reload. All have burn times under 1/2 second. Their big advantages over AT Warp Nine is that Vmax, unlike Warp Nine, can have an integrated delay; W-9 requires electronic deployment of the parachute.

Next comes a new 'soda can' motor for the Pro54-1G case, the I140SK-14A. It's a Skidmark - sparky motor - with 396 Ns total impulse.

Then there's two Green3 loads: the 1597-Ns K400-14A for the 4-grain 54mm case, and the 14272-Ns N1975-P for the 6-grain 98mm case.

They released 3 Classic Longburn kits for 54mm motors; they come with a special plugged forward closure that's threaded for a steel eyebolt for parachute attachment. They are the 4G K160, 6G K260, and 6GXL K300; impulses of 1526, 2285, and 2546 Newton-seconds (Ns) respectively. All have burn times of over 8 seconds.

Pro29 motors were tested with 4 spacers, allowing users to now use 0,1,2, or 3 spacers in a single 29mm case.

Finally comes a motor with a ton of thrust. Literally. The N10000 (That's TEN THOUSAND) Vmax is a 6-grain 98mm reload. Total of 10347 Ns for a burn time of just over one second, during which it puts out an average of 2250 pounds of thrust - enough to safely lift a 450-pound rocket.

News via Rocketry Planet

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