Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heat Wave

I just finished reading the first Richard Castle book, Heat Wave. Funny thing is, Richard Castle doesn't really exist. He's actually the fictional novelist and protagonist of ABC's show Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, who is friggin' hilarious.

So, it's a novel about a journalist named Rook and a female cop, Nikki Heat. In canon, it's written by Castle; all the book characters are (intentionally) thinly disguished versions of the 'real' 12th NYC Precinct from the show.

The prose is pretty horrible; it's not high-quality literature by any means. But it's exactly what Castle *would* write, down to the horrible puns. There's a lot of contention over who exactly ghost-wrote the book; it certainly wasn't Nathan Fillion, who's pictured on the cover.

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