Friday, March 12, 2010


Today's my birthday! I got a new beta fish, a bag of gummy bears, and this awesome t-shirt:

It's a real neat equation, combining physics, math, and chemistry. E=mc2, so the first third of the equation is M. The square root of -1 is the imaginary unit, or I. The ideal gas law gives PV=nRT, so the third section is T.

M. I. T.



DTH Rocket said...

Well, happy birthday!

Do you have some connection with MIT? Have you applied there? I did, but I won't know whether I get accepted until Sunday. Gulp.

mandachan said...

ah hem! and you got a kick-ass awesome hat! :)

The EGE said...

Oh man, I completely forgot about the awesome hat mandachan made me!

Laura said...

I'm sorry I couldn't give you your gift on your actual birthday, but I promise to give it to you as soon as possible!

mandachan said...

*sniff* i worked so hard on that hat. i slaved over that hat. and i don't even get acknowledged? *sniff* some friend you are. i'm going to go into my little emo corner and mushroom now. *sniff*

Laura said...

NO! i have the monopoly on the mushroom-emo-corner! it's MY corner! you can't have it!