Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NARCON part 3: Other new products

Several other vendors showed new products at NARCON.

Fliskits, a major sponsor of NARCON, came out with two new scale kits. First is a 1:5.5 model of Robert Goddard's L-13 Movable casing rocket. It's 1.63" in diameter and just under 3 feet tall. The other is a 1:2.5 model of his first liquid-fuel rocket, named Nell. It's 50" tall and... oddly shaped. More on that later. Jim Flis said they called the kit Nell because it's what Goddard named that first rocket and it was much short than Goddard's official test designation. However... it turns out that Goddard named all of his rockets Nell. Oh well.

Cosmodrome had two new kits to show; both will be going into beta testing later in the year. One is the Japanese Lambda rocket; it's a scale model of their first sounding rocket. The other is one of the Canadian Black Brant series; I don't remember which.

Finally, Cesaroni had a few samples of their Pro24 line to show. There's a D-size (70mm long) casing; it's one grain and can hold up to mid E (27 Ns) motors. There's a 3-grain full F case (up to 80 Ns) and a 6-grain full G case (up to 160 Ns). each grain is roughly up to 27 Ns total power. There are also plans for several other cases, including a 6-grain-extra-long case that will hold small H motors. As far as I know, those will be the most powerful 24mm motors yet.

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