Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome people

My friend Laura, one of my partners in crime in Drowning in Turtles, has a blog now! Check it out; it's funny and geeky and awesome.

Another blog I found my way to recently: the hilarious Narm at White Collar Redneck. He writes this about being awesome:

"Why? Because awesome has no hangover. Awesome takes no days off. Awesome looks straight in the face of adversary and says - "Not today, evil foe. Today, I am going to storm the beaches of the ordinary, grow a beard of freedom and sing from the mountaintops, 'Fuck your case of the Mondays!'" "

And finally, I must give proper props to mandachan for the awesome Slightly Ridiculous Hat that she gave me for my birthday.


Laura said...

I love you! Thanks for the publicity :D

mandachan said...

ah hem! i told you about white-collar redneck too!