Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The aftermath

The total: between 5 and 8 inches of rain over all of SE Connecticut. They're calling it either a 50-year or 100-year storm - the rainstorm of the century. There's a lot of small rivers and streams that overflowed, and prolly 50% of more of houses got water in them. We got lucky; we're on a hill with a well-build basement, and nothing that couldn't be taken care of with half a dozen towels got in. One friend of mine who lives next to a normally dry stream has five feet of water in his basement; he'll be in a hotel for a few weeks.

Even though every other school district in the county cancelled today, Cowtown did not, so we attempted to have a normal day. I didn't have a spectacularly good one; I scored porrly on a chem test and my English teacher is pissed at me because I refused to take monday's test on Romanticism and Transcendentalism seriously, and instead wrote the essays bitterly and sarcastically. More on that later, after I get it back and can post the essays in full.

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fencer_22 said...

what's poorly in EGE terms B+?